Fortunes Flip

Fortunes Flip

What a nice bit of Monday sports news! My beloved Fightin’ Texas Aggies are now ranked #18 in the BCS poll, while the self-promoted Longhorns are at #25. Meanwhile, Texas A&M is ranked #19 in the coaches poll, and the Longhorns don’t appear at all.

It’s still early and a lot can change, but there is something illustrative about the approach taken by the two programs. UT has been the very model of braggadocio, thumping their chests, flaunting their Longhorn Network deal with ESPN, and generally acting as if the football season was an inconvenience to their being named National Champions For Life this year. And then the losses start.

(To quote a famous Aggie: “Oops.”)

Meanwhile, new head coach Kevin Sumlin’s A&M program has kept a low-profile, played generally good football, and offered a slightly more modest image. Oh, and they are winning.

While UT has been over-selling and under-delivering, A&M has been under-selling and over-delivering. Rather than making promises they couldn’t keep, the Aggie football team has been showing their stuff on the gridiron field.

Hopefully A&M will stay the course.

As a side note… It’s sad, but not surprising, that many in the Bevo Nation are sharpening their longhorns for Mack Brown. He probably bears all sorts of blame, but — wow — the fickle fans are turning against a guy who is the highest-paid state employee in Texas.

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