Democrats Gone Wild

Democrats Gone Wild

It’s been a really bad month for the mostly irrelevant Democratic Party in Texas.

The media narrative was how carpet-bagger Jeremy Bird, an Obama-nut organizer, was moving to Texas and launching “Battleground Texas” that would turn Texas blue. All the northeastern media was breathless in anticipation.

Even the conservative National Review foolishly fell for it (I was “interviewed” as the naysayer to the nonsensical narrative).

But then March happened. And happened hard.

  1. First, came word that trial lawyer and mega-Obama donor Mikal Watts of San Antonio had hisĀ offices raided by the US Secret Service. Oops.
  2. An El Paso Democrat state rep was arrested for intoxicated driving after sending two people to hospital and blowing twice the legal limit. But, gosh, she’s really sorry.
  3. Then this week ANOTHER Democrat state rep (this one from the Houston area) was arrested for illegally pursuing clients as part of his ambulance-chasing law practice.
  4. Oh, and don’t forget that the Democrats’ great hope for the future, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, is under investigation for taking illegal contributions.

We’re not supposed to rejoice in the trials and travails of others, obviously. Instead, we should look hopefully to what fun and frivolity Texas’ Democrats have in store for us in the months ahead!


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